Things to do in Dubai

There are a number of top attractions in Dubai which are making the area one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Dubai is an absolutely sprawling city containing many different districts and sightseeing opportunities. Although it makes up just one of seven Emirates in the UAE to buy standalone as an independent city state as well is one of the most progressive and modern areas of the Middle East. With excellent amenities for tourists, a short trip by air from Europe as well as some of the world that shopping opportunities you will be an absolute wonder of Dubai and its electric skyline.

Although making your way around a different municipalities and districts can be a bit confusing the developments and tourist attractions in Dubai will never leave you bored. In this guide we complete a detailed rundown of some of the most popular tourism attractions in Dubai. Here are some of the top attractions that you should visit on your Dubai vacation.

Burj Khalifa- At the top:

At 555 m in the air at the top of the burj khalifa is one of the most popular destinations in all of divide. At the top is a sky lounge where you can spend time taking in the beauty that is Dubai from nearly every angle. Once you get on the main elevator it’s important to note that the lounge is spread from levels 125 to 148. Level 148 is the crowning experience at the top of the observation deck. This level now has a new luxury lounge as well as an exhibit on the history of the building and how it was built. Level 125 features a 360° view of the city as well as a fun trivia game.

Lunch At Burj Al Arab:

The Burj Al Arab is one of the tallest buildings in the entire city and it’s also home to a wonderful meeting space as well as the world’s highest atrium. As a result of this luxury, many choose to enjoy the Burj Al Arab during a meal. The Skyview bar will instantly overwhelm your senses with some of the most amazing views of the world islands and the Palm Jumeirah. With a wide selection of teas, pastries, cakes and small sandwiches you can enjoy the world’s tallest atriums with mosaics, marble flooring and beautiful torch lighting while overlooking the city. There are many restaurants located in this area featuring Arabic cuisine to modern European offerings. With the restaurants in the Burj Al Arab you can enjoy a dining experience unlike you’ve ever had before.

Dubai Sightseeing Tour:

With so many different sites to see throughout Dubai sometimes it’s easier to have a guided tour to take you through all of the amazing experiences that are located inside and outside of the city. One of the big advantages to using a scheduled tour is that you can see Dubai from the perspective of a local. There are a variety of different sightseeing tours available to suit your preferences as well. Dubai has a variety of tours ranging from guided bus trips through the city, shopping tours to some of the world’s most exclusive fashion outlets, evening dinner cruises, safari tours outside of the city as well as tours of the various mosques throughout Dubai. A number of desert 4 x 4 tours and camel tours also make it possible to see Dubai from an entirely different angle. No matter your type of preference for Dubai tourism there are options available to you and your family.

Desert Safari Experience:

Many visitors to do by not only want to experience the city but also the surrounding desert area. The desert is one of the most quintessential parts of Dubai and there are many different ways that you can explore it. Some the most popular options for exploring the Dubai Desert include safari packages via Jeep, camels and individual 4 x 4 rentals. Desert safaris can take place in the morning or the evening and some of the packages can include entire day safaris with sand skis, running up dunes and even dinner underneath the stars. Desert safari experiences can include barbecues, overnight camping, and sunset photography as well. Thousands of people per year take on the Dubai Desert in a safari tour and it is definitely the best way to enjoy the surrounding desert area. Whether you are interested in the full tour or just a desert barbecue experience most tour operators can organize just what you need.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek And Dubai Marina:

Dubai dinner cruises on the Dhow cruise dinner is one of the most amazing ways that you can see Dubai from the waterfront. Dubai is heavily considered the eighth wonder of the world and through a two-mile stretch along the shores of the Persian Gulf you can see most of the landmarks in the city along a special dinner cruise. On board you will be treated to a two-hour dinner cruise experience and a fully air-conditioned lower and open air upper deck. Aboard the Dhow dinner cruise experience you can have an international or Asian buffet dinner with unlimited fountain drinks and soft music entertainment. This dinner cruise comes complete with fully qualified crew and Captain as well as one of the best safety ratings that of any other to her provider. The cruise runs nightly at 8:30 PM.

Wild Wadi Waterpark:

Located right near the Burj Al Arab is a 30 ride waterpark known as Wild Wadi. This entire theme park is designed around the ancient tale of Juha from Arabian folklore. The park is open through most of the year and features a massive array of water slides and attractions that are suitable for the entire family. Exciting rides from traditional water slides all the way to massive tube slides and wave pools help you to take advantage of the beautiful Dubai climate. This waterpark is been named one of the must do attractions in Dubai due to its cleanliness, facilities and staff. This is definitely one of the best ways that you can enjoy a refreshing break from the summer heat in the city. With everything from massive splash pools for the kids to world-class waterfalls that adults will marvel at this is one of the most advanced water parks in the entire world.

Skydive Dubai:

Skydiving in any other part of the world may seem like an extreme thing to do but skydiving in Dubai has become a big industry and an experience that simply can’t be missed. Imagine being able to glide out of a plane and descend deep into the desert with the skyline of Dubai as your view for the ride down. Many skydiving providers have training programs for skydiving certification, full equipment rentals and even tandem jump opportunities to make the process of skydiving into by simple for new and advanced skydivers. Skydive Dubai has received a certificate of excellence in 2015 for its unique experience. With the ability to capture beautiful images over top of the international islands, these tours have helped to organize commercials and promo shots for products and international organizations. Skydive Dubai really is a team of experts and a group capable of helping you have an astonishing first jump experience.

Dubai Shopping Tours:

You might be quickly overwhelmed with all of the shopping available in Dubai. With so much money running through one of the worlds fastest developing city, many top level designers and manufacturers have made showcase stores available in Dubai. In order to navigate this rich shopping marketplace sometimes it helps to have a local guide that can help you find just what you’re looking for. Dubai shopping tours can take you to some of the biggest outlets as well as some of the lesser-known deals for designer clothing and more. Whether you have a goal of luxury or value Dubai shopping tours can help you to locate exactly what you’re looking for. With the help of these tours and shopping safaris you can go home with just the type of souvenirs that you were hoping to find on your next trip to Dubai. Dubai is an absolute shoppers paradise and on a shopping tour itinerary you can get access to a large luxury vehicle to take you around to some the most famous shopping locations in the city as well as cart all of your findings back to your hotel at the end of the day.

Dubai Hot Air Balloon Experience:

If skydiving isn’t so much an experience that you are interested to try and you want a much more surreal experience than flying in an airplane, Dubai hot air balloon experiences are some of the best ways that you can explore the desert surrounding Dubai with the beautiful skyline in the background. Dubai hot air balloons have been captivating visitors to Dubai for years. Imagine the warmth of the desert and the backdrop of the mountains as you fly across the sands at sunrise or sunset. Hot air balloon out of Dubai is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure and there are many different balloon providers who can organize short hot-air balloon rides which are affordable and one of the most majestic ways that you can explore the desert in comfort. One of the best aspects of these trips is that you can actually receive a video of your flight shortly after you land. With onboard go pro cameras you can capture the energy of your first flight across the desert and keep it forever.

Dubai Seaplane Charters:

Seeing Dubai from the air is certainly something that you can miss out on. With the help of a seaplane charter you can not only fly through most of the attractions across Dubai but also touched down in the beautiful waters surrounding the city. Seaplane is one of the best ways to see the islands from above as well as gauge the sheer magnitude of some of the world’s tallest buildings from the air. On the course of a seaplane tour you can take in the massive Ferrari complex, the beautiful skyline, the islands and more. Scenic tours are available to suit nearly any budget and the seaplanes can hold a few more people than you would be able to get on a traditional helicopter tour. If you have ever wanted to see all of the attractions in Dubai at once or see what Dubai is like from the air the seaplane charter is an experience that you simply can’t afford to miss.

Deep Sea Fishing Charters In Dubai:

Deep-sea fishing charters throughout Dubai are extremely luxurious and comfortable. Captains know the area very well and in this area of the world you can catch a number of different prized species. Booking a deep-sea fishing charter is an excellent way to have access to all of the tools that you need for catching some of the native species to Dubai. Whether you are planning on doing some professional surf casting or some deep sea fishing adventures 6 to 12 people can book a charter experience with full access to drinking water, fishing equipment and bait for up to four hours at a time. Some of reported landing fish up to 2 m or more in length and even just exploring some of the marinas throughout Dubai can be a rewarding experience if you don’t have much luck fishing.

Luxury Yacht Dubai:

If you don’t have much interest in fishing but you would like to see Dubai from the water on board a private vessel you should strongly consider renting out a luxury cruise or yacht rental in Dubai. Knowledgeable captains and crews can take you out into the Persian Gulf on a beautiful sightseeing adventure. Considering many of Hollywood’s elite and some of the most powerful people in the world of experienced to buy from a yacht, you can consider yourself among unlucky fortunate few on one of these tours. Luxury yacht cruise ships are the ultimate way that you can enjoy just a few days out on the water or a quick tour around Dubai. With vessels capable of holding just a few people at a time up to vessels that can carry hundreds of people around the islands and the city, you owe it to yourself to experience the luxury of a yacht cruise on your Dubai vacation.

With these options and more presented for your next vacation to Dubai you will have plenty of options available for maximizing your stay. Whether you have considered Dubai as a potential vacation destination or you are looking for one of the hottest new vacation spots for you or your family, you should look into the prospect of visiting Dubai in the near future. New attractions are being built in this area regularly and tourists are coming in droves. If you are interested in a unique luxury vacation where you can rub shoulders with the world’s elite Dubai could be just the destination you are looking for!

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